The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program, renowned for its rigorous curriculum and recognized globally as a gold standard in finance, can be a significant investment in terms of both time and money. Recognizing this, various scholarships are available to assist candidates financially, making the CFA charter more accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Here, we explore the types of scholarships available for the CFA Program:


  1. CFA Institute Scholarships

The CFA Institute itself offers several scholarship options to reduce the financial burden on candidates:

– Access Scholarship: Aimed at those who may not afford to enroll in the CFA Program due to financial constraints. This scholarship significantly reduces the program enrollment and exam registration fees.

– Women’s Scholarship: Designed to support women around the world in obtaining the CFA charter, this scholarship is part of the CFA Institute’s initiative to improve gender diversity in the finance industry.

– Student Scholarship: Available for students currently attending an affiliated university, this scholarship offers reduced fees to help finance their CFA Program journey.

– Professor and Administrator Scholarship: Provided to full-time college or university faculty members or administrators, this scholarship aims to support those in academia to gain the CFA charter.

– Regulator Scholarship: Offered to employees of regulatory agencies, central banks, securities commissions, and similar organizations, recognizing their role in the financial industry.


  1. Local Society Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships offered by the CFA Institute, many local CFA societies provide their scholarships. These scholarships are often aimed at candidates within a specific geographical region or affiliated with certain universities or institutions. The availability and criteria for these scholarships vary widely, so it’s advisable to contact your local CFA society for more information.


  1. University Affiliation Program Scholarships

The CFA Institute collaborates with select universities around the world through its University Affiliation Program. Participating universities may receive a limited number of scholarships to distribute among their students who are interested in registering for the CFA Program. These scholarships typically offer similar benefits to the CFA Institute’s scholarships, such as reduced enrollment and registration fees.


Applying for Scholarships

The application process for CFA scholarships generally involves submitting an application through the CFA Institute’s website or directly through the offering entity, such as a local society or university. Applicants usually need to demonstrate financial need, commitment to pursuing the CFA charter, and, in some cases, academic excellence or professional achievements.



For aspiring CFA candidates concerned about the financial aspect of obtaining the charter, these scholarships can provide significant relief and support. By reducing the financial barriers, the CFA Institute and its affiliates aim to make the CFA Program more accessible to talented individuals worldwide, regardless of their financial situation. Prospective candidates are encouraged to explore these opportunities and apply well in advance of their intended exam date to take full advantage of the financial assistance available.