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🚀 Are you ready to ace the CPA Information Systems and Controls (ISC) Exam on your first attempt? Look no further than the “CPA Information Systems and Controls (ISC) Study Guide 2024” by Zain Academy. Our comprehensive guide is meticulously crafted with 699 study points, using a questioning mind approach to sharpen your understanding and boost your exam readiness.

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– Integrated PDF Format: Enjoy a seamless reading experience with a format optimized for all screen sizes — perfect for studying on the go or at your desk!

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– Expertly Crafted Material: Created by industry experts, this guide is designed to make complex concepts easy and to provide you with the tools needed for exam success.

– Interactive Learning Experience: Don’t just read; engage, question, and understand. Our approach helps you retain information and apply it effectively in your exam.

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Additional Information

Language = English

Publication Date =  22 April 2024

Page Count = 405 pages

Format = Integrated Printable PDF