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Zain Academy’s CMA Part 1 Study Guide 2024: Your Ultimate Tool for Management Accounting Mastery!

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* Comprehensive Coverage: 807 Study Points, 1,121 True/False questions, and 40 essay questions with detailed answers. Dive deep into Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics. Access sample for free.

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* Bonus Question Bank: Complement your study with the CMA Part 1 Exam Questions 2024, packed with 2,581 multiple-choice questions and in-depth explanations for each answer choice.

* Engaging Learning Media: Benefit from an array of learning videos accessible on YouTube and Facebook. With our premium access, enhance your retention and understanding without the need to attend extensive classes.

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Language = English

Publication Date = 16 August 2023

Page Count = 567 pages

Format = Integrated Printable PDF