CMA Part 1 Financial Planning Performance and Analytics 2022


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CMA Part 1 Financial Planning Performance and Analytics 2022 [Study Guide] contains 476 study points presented with a questioning mind approach and 40 essay questions to prepare according to CMA Course.

CMA Part 1 Study Guide 2022 is designed for working executives committed to earning CMA certificate within 6 months. The candidates need to give at least three hours on weekdays and at least six hours on weekends.

CMA Exam are passed by understanding the core topics presented in the syllabus and applying them in real case scenarios. CMA Part 1 exam is more challenging as compared to CMA Part 2. That’s why this CMA Part 1 Study Material 2022 will help you in your certification journey! You will be tested at higher cognitive levels.

CMA Exam are of continuous four hours’ duration taken by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), US. You have to solve 100 MCQs in three hours and 2 essay questions in the last one hour. The CMA exam is offered in the English Language.

A dedicated section on Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Basic Information is added in the CMA Part 1 Study Guide 2022, which explains the proven strategies to clear the CMA Part 1 exam in the first attempt.

CMA Part 1 Study Guide 2022 lecture videos will be available from YouTube, which will give you the confidence to retain the topics in your heart. Do read the comments and ratings of my successful candidates from Facebook.

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Publication Date = 07 February 2022
Page Count = 370 pages
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