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Zain Academy’s CIA Part 2 Study Guide 2024

🔹Fast-Track Your Success: Prepare to ace the CIA Part 2 Exam in just 2 months! Designed specifically for the ambitious working executive, our study guide offers a streamlined approach to mastering the Practice of Internal Auditing.

🔹Comprehensive Coverage: With 430 Study Points designed to cultivate a questioning mind, and 367 True-False questions, we ensure every concept is clarified.

🔹Exclusive Exam Insights: Get a step ahead with our dedicated CIA Exam Guide section. Learn tips, tricks, and strategies to confidently conquer the exam.

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🔹Extra Study Material: Enhance your preparation with our CIA Part 2 Exam Questions 2024, packed with 1,239 multiple-choice questions, complete with detailed explanations.

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Publication Date = 18 September 2023

Page Count = 235 pages

Format = Integrated Printable PDF